get rid of wax build up

What is Ear Wax?

Ear wax is produced by the body to clean the ear canal. It collects fine particles of dust and debris that would otherwise reach the parts of the ear responsible for hearing, causing damage. Unfortunately, sometimes it can build up giving you an uncomfortable full feeling or affect your hearing. Some of this build up may also be due to environmental factors such as working in a dusty area.

What can we do to remove excess ear wax?

There are some products which can loosen the wax, allowing it to clear by itself. Visit us at Central Health Clinic our team of Sunshine Doctors can also help, we perform a procedure called aural toileting which safely removes the wax, cleans and dries the ear canal.

What causes ear wax build up?

Victorian Government Melbourne Health Department states that ear wax build up is usually caused by:

  • Working in a dusty environment
  • Having narrow ear canals
  • psoriasis and eczema
  • Using cotton buds and your fingertips to clean inside the ear
  • Hairy ear canals
  • producing more wax

Safe ways to clean your ears and get rid of wax build up

Warm water

Ear Wax Build Up

Cleaning around and outside of your ears with warm water and a damp cloth is very effective. Using this method will prevent any damage to the ear canal and won’t push wax further into the ear if done carefully.





Olive oil

Ear Wax Build Up, oil

If you feel a build up of wax in your ears, olive oil can be a natural and harmless way of getting rid of excessive wax build up. Two to three drops to your ear can soften the wax, over time the wax will naturally fall out on its own.





What shouldn’t we do?

Using cotton buds is strongly discouraged as it can push wax debris further into the ear canal or if used too deeply, can injure the parts of the ear the wax is designed to protect. Using cotton buds can cause hearing problems as well as the possiblity of puncturing your eardrum, which causes sharp long-term hearing loss. Many try so hard to remove ear wax but what they don’t know is, it’s meant to be there! The wax is a natural substance that keeps your ears healthy, traps the dust from getting inside the ear, keeps bugs from crawling inside and also prevents fungus.

Ear Wax Build Up


Visit one of our Sunshine GP’s if you;
– are in pain,
– feel dizzy,
– have a headache,
– fever,
– have a discharge coming from the ear canal,
– have a head cold.

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