Travel Doctor at Sunshine Clinic

Seeing a travel doctor before your holiday is crucial. Our Sunshine clinic provides comprehensive medical travel advice and services. We understand how exciting travel can be and how important it is that you are well prepared and properly immunised prior to starting your holiday. This is why the travel vaccine is available to all patients at our Sunshine clinic. Our doctors provide comprehensive travel consultations and can advise you what vaccinations are required for all destinations.

Our travel doctors will assist you in preparing for your journey and ensuring your travel health is well managed. Please ensure that you make an appointment with your travel doctor well in advance as some travel vaccinations are required to be given over a specific time frame (e.g. 3 or 6 months) and completed a certain time frame before departure. Our travel doctors will advise you on which vaccinations you need to be safe during your holiday.

For more travel health and vaccine information online, please refer to the following website: